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June Fox Art. Strictly no animation on this site. Showcases a limited number of June’s paintings which are sold directly from the site using the PayPal shopping cart.

Tom Garmory Art. A small website which enables the artist owner to showcase his paintings to family and friends. No sales.

Kevin Sparrow Watercolours Another small website with 2 galleries offering artwork for sale and 1 showcasing the work of Kevin’s students. The front page has a slideshow and the gallery pages utilise lightboxes to enlarge the paintings. There is a site search box and a visitor counter.

Cheshire House Plans
This is a site for a plan drawing service operating in South Cheshire and surrounding areas. This is a straightforward, clear site.
Butterfly Corner. A striking site with a black background. Sets off the butterflies perfectly! Again, this site is an animation free zone. This site has a sister site at :
Memory Stick Labels. A minimalistic site in the syle of a “splash” page. Site only sells one product.
Animal Earth. A site for 3 animal artists to advertise their exhibitions and sell their paintings.
Bob Hill Art. A site for the artist Bob Hill to showcase his paintings. Demonstrates picture galleries, animation and use of sound files.
Cheshire Countryside Arts. A site for the artist Janet Anne Carden to showcase her work. Demonstrates different types of galleries.
Here are some screen prints of my work. Please feel free to click on the links and browse these sites.

The Flood Prevention Society - This site isn’t selling anything, but is acting as a lobbying tool for the Flood Prevention Society.

It is a simple site with no animation, but does contain downloadable PDF documents. It has a site search box and a “bookmark and share” bar.

Swift Pedals. - A site selling guitar pedals. It uses “click to enlarge” images on the “When its gone...” page and uses Mal’s Cart as a shopping cart interface between the site and PayPal. There is a gallery playing on the front page. It has a “share” button, counter and stats and a currency conversion facility on most sale pages. There is a sign-up form integrated with the Mail Chimp email service.

Examples of my work