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This package includes design and build* of your site using commercially available website design software, upload of the site to a hosting account, acquisition and set-up of a domain name, set-up of an email account, set-up for your payment processor and on-going maintenance and updating of your site.
Charges vary according to the number of pages you require or the number of items you have for sale.
N.B. If you want to sell a lot of items you will need to consider a full e-commerce package which I do not provide.
*During the design and build phase you will have regular input and be able to make changes, corrections, suggestions etc.

Site design to include: design of a page header, page layout, domain name for 2 years** (if .co.uk otherwise 1 year), email  and up to 7 basic pages incl up to 3 images per page:

Additional pages including up to 3 single images, charged at:

If you require an image gallery each gallery will be charged at:

for up to 6 images each.

Additional gallery images:

Additional plain images:

Images with enlargements:

Ability to sell items including PayPal Buy Now buttons:

Hosting and maintenance charges***:

(Reduced to £99/yr if paid annually in advance.)

** Domain renewal charges will be incurred in future years.

*** Maintenance charges include normal updating such as addition and removal of items for sale as long as these are “reasonable”. Major changes will incur the per item costs shown above.

Additional items such as hit counters are usually included but if you have specific requirements please mention it on the information form.

Available extras, both free and “charged for” can be viewed on the optional extras page.

Package 1 - Managed service

Package 2 - Set-up and go for artists and hobbyists

There are a number of different DIY providers on the Internet. They design their packages to enable you to create and manage your website for yourself.

Should you so wish, you can open an account with one of these providers and I can use their software to create your website and upload your initial content and images; set up a gallery; sale buttons etc. Whatever is available within the package. Once set-up, it will be over to you to maintain. You will therefore have to learn how it works eventually, but to quickly get up and running, you may wish to use my services.

     1.00 per item

Site set-up with up to 7 basic pages including the uploading of up to 6 images, descriptions and sale formatting:
Additional pages / items / products charged at:

Optional Extras for Packages 1 and 2

There are a number of optional extras available, some free, some charged for. Go here to see what is on offer.





.50 each


.00 each

.50 each  

.00 each     

.00 each           

.99 per month