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E.g. Artwork, furniture sales, English tuition etc.
What would you like to call your site?
Have you any thoughts on what URL (domain name) you might want to use?
E.g joebloggsart.co.uk. If you have, please enter up to 3 ideas below, if not, leave blank. I can provide some advice on choosing.
N.B. Unless you already have a domain name do NOT buy one at this stage.
If you DO already have one, enter it in the 1st suggestion box and check this box:
Have you seen a site or sites you would like to model your site on? If so, please provide up to 6 URL’s
Do you have a preferred colour scheme? If so, please describe as fully as possible.
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If Yes, is it available electronically?
If you are planning on selling goods on-line do you already have a Merchant Account?
E.g. PayPal; NOCHEX etc.
If so who is it with?
How experienced are you with:
A) using computers? (e.g. Do you regularly use software such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc?
B) using the Internet? (e.g. Do you use email, shop on-line, use the Internet for reserch etc?
Which package are you interested in?
If you have selected “Build and go” Do you have a service provider in mind? If so please tell me which one.
How many pages do you think you will want on your website initially? You can always change this later.
Please give me a list of page names below. Separate each name with a semi-colon. E.g
Home page; products; about us; contact; terms; privacy statement etc. If you are proposing to sell products from your website you should always have terms and conditions and a privacy statement.
How many image galleries do you think you might want?
With how many images in each?
How many items do you think you might want to sell?
Do you want any animation on your site? E.g. Header; gallery. You can see an example of an animated site at http://www.cheshirecountrysidearts.co.uk and a static site at http://www.junefoxart.co.uk Please use the box below to tell me what you would like.
The header on your site is really important as it “brands” your site. Please use the box below to tell me about any ideas you have for the header.
How do you feel about adverts appearing on your site?
Please use the space below to tell me about any ideas you have that have not been captured above. In particular, any ideas you have about layout e.g. Columns; info boxes etc.
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When you are happy with your entries, please click the “submit” button. I will contact you by email shortly to clarify any points and request images, etc from you. I will then mock-up a Front Page for you to view and comment on. If you decide you want to go ahead I will then ask you to pay a deposit of £25. If you do not want to proceed you are under no obligation and we can both walk away. Please make sure you add my email address to your contacts or safe list so that your email service doesn’t put my messages in your junk mail folder. My email address is:

Chrisatpearlwaterwebsitedesign.co.uk  where at is replaced with the usual @ symbol.

Development of a web site is an iterative process and we will be able to adjust and amend as we go along in accordance with your developing ideas. Please note that you will need to be INVOLVED, I can’t, for instance, make up the text to go on your site, that is your job. If you are selling items, you will have to write the descriptions and set the price as well as provide photographs, however, we’ll try to have some fun along the way and make the process as painless as possible!
Web site information form. If you want to enquire about a website design, please complete and submit the following form and I will contact you as soon as possible. Do not send any payment at this stage.
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I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would prefer to submit a paper form, you can download one here.