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Who is this web site design service for?

I have created this web site design service especially for artists, hobbyists, small businesses, small clubs and Internet beginners who are thinking of setting up their own website but are not sure where to start.

I know that as an artist or  hobbyist you may not have much experience of using the Internet to market the products you make whilst practicing your hobby.

You may want to "test the water" and try selling your art or craft or whatever it is that you do.

Most especially, you want to keep the costs down to a minimum. You want an affordable, cost-effective, website.

I have developed 2 value for money, affordable packages for you to choose from. One which is a fully managed service - to leave you time for the things you enjoy, and one which sets you up on a DIY package currently available on the Internet and then leaves you to manage and maintain it.

What you won’t get.

I am not a programmer. I can’t offer you a bespoke, custom built website – those sorts of services cost serious money. Instead I will use commercially available software and templates to build your website. This site is an example of one.

Who does the work?

Unfortunately I can’t take all the work away from you. Setting up a website is a shared process. You need to decide what content you want on your site: what you want to say; what pictures you want to display; what colour scheme you want; what layout you like; etc. If you want to sell on-line you will have to open your own account with a payment processor such as PayPal.

Please note - that whilst many of my customers do sell their art or products on-line through their website, I do not provide full scale e-commerce websites. If you need to discuss the difference, please contact me.

Jargon buster

How much will it all cost?

You can get an idea of how much it will cost to develop your website by reading about the available packages here or going to the cost calculator here.

Please be aware though, that your initial estimate of the number of pages or images may not be precisely accurate but I will provide you with a fixed price quote.

Domain name

Want to check if your favourite domain name is available?

You can check availability by clicking here. Should you wish to do so, you can also buy it on the same page.

Remember though, that if I am designing your site, the domain name comes as part of the package!

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