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If you have decided to use my services, you may pay for them here. Here are a selection of payment and subscription buttons for a variety of purposes. Please take a moment to choose the right one.

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If you have been asked to do so, please pay your deposit here. The deposit is £25 and is refundable if you do not like anything I produce for you. It is not refundable once a domain name has been purchased.
If you are ordering optional extras you may pay for them here.
Search engine
submission. £15

Customisation of PayPal or MaiChimp. £5 each.

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If you are happy with the work produced so far and the price quoted, please pay here. You will need to enter the price on the payment form yourself.

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*Please note that this is a subscription which will be automatically debited from your account when it falls due until and unless you cancel it.

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